Free Yourself From The Mindset
That Is Keeping You From 
Finding The One

What Is Rapid Transformational Therapy?

It’s an innovative, powerful, and life changing process that relaxes your critical thinking through hypnosis while using a specific set of tools that allows your subconscious to overcome what has been holding you back for years. It can accomplish in - just one session - what could take years using other methods.


Letting go of the things that once kept

you from finding the love of your life...

doesn't need to take forever.



Sarah was fed up with attracting the same guys that weren’t up to her standards. 

She was in a committed relationship with someone she didn’t see a future with, but she feared being alone or worse - that all the “good ones" were already taken.  Even though she knew her current boyfriend was below her standards, she was insecure in the relationship and constantly needing reassurance that he loved her.  


It was in her RTT session that she was able to see that the relationship with her mother and the absence of her father in her childhood had created deep subconscious beliefs that she was undeserving of the love she really wanted.  It wasn’t that she hadn’t talked about her past with her friends, family and therapist - she had been to more sessions than she could remember.


The problem was that those beliefs weren’t something she could fix using her critical thinking and problem solving.  If she could, she would have already done it. She needed understanding on a subconscious level what those beliefs were doing to her love life and how to correct them.  



Are you someone who has spent years trying to understand why love, dating and relationships haven’t worked for you?

Consider this:


95% of our behaviors and reactions happen on a subconscious level. This makes us more efficient each day. When you are making your bed in the morning you are thinking about what you are going to have for breakfast, not the step by step process of pulling up the sheets and adjusting the pillow. Your subconscious takes care of your actions so that you can reserve mental energy for other things. 

It’s the same with driving your car...  have you ever pulled into your driveway and all of sudden became aware that you were driving? Who got you home? - Not your critical thinking - your subconscious processes took the wheel so that you could listen to and really enjoy your latest podcast.

Whether you realize it or not, your subconscious has taken the wheel of your dating life. On paper you could write out what you want in a man, but somehow you keep attracting something different.  The reason is your subconscious mind believes it is doing something for you based on deep-rooted beliefs you acquired from unpleasant experiences from your past. It wasn’t always this way for you.


How many babies do you know that are insecure?




Why? You were born believing that you were deserving of love and attention, but throughout your life, you had unpleasant experiences that you attached a meaning to. That meaning created a subconscious belief about yourself. That deep rooted belief may be:


1. I’m not enough. Not lovable. Not deserving.

2. It’s not available to me. Love, health, or wealth.

3. I’m too different and cannot connect with others.

Whatever that subconscious belief is - it is now sabotaging your love life. In your own private RTT session we uncover what past experiences have created your deep rooted beliefs that are keeping you from love.  At the end of the session, a 20 minute recording will be made to reinforce and recode into your mind a new habit of thought that will help you let go of the fear and anxiety you have experienced around dating.  The process will get you confident and comfortable in your own body so that you can not only attract the THE ONE - but keep him wanting you forever.  


Remember- It’s not about “getting someone down the aisle” - it’s about knowing at your core that you are worthy of love.  When you know you are, you will keep THE ONE wanting you for the rest of your life.



If critical thinking was all it took don’t you think you would

have already figured it out by now?

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?

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